BOMA Edmonton is a leading commercial real estate association that provides trusted expertise and opportunities to members, government, and the public in the Edmonton Region and beyond.

A strong voice

Since the 1960s, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Edmonton has been the foremost voice and resource for commercial real estate in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Our geographical mandate also includes serving members north of Red Deer and in Northern Alberta, NWT, and Yukon. Our vision is of a vibrant, inclusive, and responsible commercial real estate industry that positively impacts economies, businesses, communities, and lives.

As an industry association, BOMA Edmonton provides trusted expertise and opportunities to members, governments, and to the public. We also offer career and leadership development, sustainability programs like BOMA BEST, and other premier services to our members through advocacy, education, networking and information.

Our membership is comprised of 350+ corporate members and their employees that are principal (owners and managers) or allied (service providers to principal members). We also have diverse non-profit and student members. BOMA Edmonton principal members own and operate more than 40 million square feet of commercial real estate in the Edmonton region alone, and all members provide a wide-range of services within the sector related to all commercial building types including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and investment.

Connected internationally and nationally

BOMA Edmonton is part of an influential network of 120 influential BOMAs around the world. The BOMA brand has been around for more than 100 years. As one of eleven local BOMA associations in Canada, BOMA Edmonton has a mandate to serve members north of Red Deer, through the Edmonton Region, and into Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. These associations came together to found BOMA Canada to lead the federated model that exists today.


We are a strong voice and resource for commercial real estate.
We enhance industry vibrancy and advocate for our members.
We are thought leaders with our fingers on the pulse of top issues.
We provide intelligence and partnership to government and other sectors.
We support business and professional growth.
We celebrate and verify industry excellence.
We promote and build the communities we serve in the Edmonton Region and northern Alberta, NWT, and Yukon.

We are BOMA Edmonton.
We build community.

BOMA Edmonton’s vision is of a vibrant, inclusive, and responsible commercial real estate industry that positively impacts economies, businesses, communities, and lives. 

Our mandate as an industry association is to provide trusted expertise and opportunities to members, governments, and to the public. We also offer career and leadership development, sustainability programs like BOMA BEST, and other premier services to our members through advocacy, education, networking and information.

The “BOMA Family,” which includes our staff, board, committees, and entire membership, takes pride in the following core values that guide our conduct: 

Strong advocacy and industry excellence

Educating and empowering each other

Acting with integrity and professionalism

Connecting people and opportunities

Inclusivity and informed leadership


Hilary Lumme

Senior Director, Alberta Division
Redstone Group

Sidney Waskiewich
Past Chair

Northern Development & Investment Group Inc.

Cameron Naqvi
Vice Chair

Cameron Development Corporation

Morley Barr

Vice President, Property Management & Operations
Aspen Properties

Stacey Claffey

Regional Director, Operations

Rob Gingras

President, Western Canada
Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

Kevin Humprhys

Vice President, Real Estate Management
Epic Investment Services

Meghan Kinney

Vice President, Leasing
QuadReal Property Group

Sean Kirk

General Manager
Edmonton City Centre

Julian Mannella

Senior Property Manager
Avison Young

Anthony Patenaude

Portfolio Manager, Real Estate

Desiree Ryziuk

Ogilvie Law

Nick Trovato

Managing Principal
Read Jones Christoffersen

Erin White

General Manager
BentallGreenOak (Canada) LP

Distinguished Members

Tony Prsa

Vice President, Alberta
Harvard Property Management Inc.

Chris Vilcsak

President & CEO
Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.


Lisa Baroldi
President & Chief Executive Officer

Glinis Buffalo

Project Manager, Creating Career Pathways in Commercial Real Estate via Glinis Buffalo Consulting

Brian Heerensperger
Chief Financial Officer via BDO

Jeannette Mensink
Manager, Membership & Special Events

Kryzia Wisdom
Marketing & Communications via Niched Digital


BOMA Edmonton has three types of committees: Board, Industry and Association, and Special Events. Our committees are comprised of up to eight BOMA members who volunteer to support the work we do. They act as advisors, making recommendations to the board and association, which in turn make final decisions. BOMA Edmonton also has five membership advisory councils that correspond with BOMA membership types. These advisory councils help to inform committee, board, and association work. BOMA’s board and committees can create short-term task forces or ad-hoc committees to address particular issues or drive initiatives with board approval.

If you are interested in a BOMA Edmonton Committee or a Membership Advisory Council, please contact admin@bomaedm.ca. You must be a BOMA member to join. If you are employed by a BOMA corporate member, then you are a BOMA member.

Board Committees


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Advocacy Committee has a partnership approach to advocacy at the municipal, provincial, federal, and Indigenous government levels. It ensures that the commercial real estate industry is a strong voice at these tables and is building relationships that advance and elevate CRE. 
  • Meets: 2nd Monday of every month (except July, August, and December) 


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Executive Committee performs traditional executive functions, acting as a guiding and decision-making body as outlined by the board. The Executive is comprised of BOMA Edmonton Officers and also handles governance and board development.   
  • Meets: 2nd Wednesday of every month (except July, August, and December) 


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Finance Committee assists the board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, the system of corporate controls and risk management. 
  • Meets: As needed 


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Nominating Committee is formed annually to recruit and provide orientation to new board members. 
  • Meets: As needed from June to the November AGM 

Industry & Association Committees


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Education Committee focuses on professional development and leadership by promoting existing membership education opportunities and developing new opportunities for all BOMA members. 
  • Meets: 4th Wednesday of every month (except July, August, and December) 


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Membership Committee provides guidance on membership and sponsorship retention, diversification, and growth, as well as membership and sponsorship orientation, services, and inclusive engagement. 
  • Meets: 2nd Tuesday of every month (except July, August, and December) 

Emerging Leaders 

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Emerging Leaders Committee promotes CRE careers to young people under the age of 40 especially and facilitates inter-generational connections. They do this through events, strategic initiatives, campaigns, mentorship programs, working with post-secondary institutions, and attracting emerging leaders to BOMA’s committees and board. 
  • Meets: 1st Wednesday of every month (except July, August, and December) 

Strategic Priorities  

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Strategic Priorities Committee helps to realize BOMA Edmonton’s strategic plan by helping to track progress and offer advice on areas that the board has prioritized as outlined in BOMA Edmonton’s two-year strategic plans. E.g. equity, diversity, and inclusion, environment, downtown, regional recovery.  
  • Meets: 1st Thursday of every month (except July, August, and December) 

Special Events Committees

BOMEX 2023

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton BOMEX 2023 Committee has come together to partner with BOMA Canada on hosting its annual national commercial real estate conference in Edmonton for the first time in decades. The event will bring professionals in CRE from across the country to Edmonton for professional development and networking. Learn more about BOMEX by visiting www.bomacanada.ca/bomex 
  • Meets:  January 2022 to October 2023 

Awards & Gala

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Awards & Gala Committee provides input into BOMA Edmonton’s annual industry excellence awards showcase that recognizes professionals and companies in commercial real estate. The Committees also helps to produce the gala, a signature event that is a networking highlight of the year. 
  • Meets: 1st Tuesday of every month (October to April) 


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Golf Committee helps to produce this coveted annual signature charity event that sells out in seconds.  
  • Meets: 4th Tuesday of every month (January to June)  

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate (CRE) is an industry comprised of people who provide, manage, and service the non-residential spaces that make up our cities and towns.

In other words, commercial real estate supports the development, operation, maintenance, sale, and management of any property used for business-related purposes. Subsectors in commercial real estate, as they are often referred to, include office, retail, industrial, medical, multi-family, investment, and other areas of commercial real estate used or zoned for specific purposes.