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As an industry association, BOMA Edmonton provides trusted expertise to governments and to the public. We are a leading voice on what’s important to our members and the broader commercial real estate industry.  

BOMA Edmonton advocates for a vibrant, inclusive, and responsible commercial real estate industry that positively impacts economies, businesses, communities, and lives. Keeping the region that we serve competitive is critical to this aim.  

We are a part of the economic development community and a major industry. We see ourselves as a partner in city and community building with others in the private, public, and non-profit sectors locally and around the world.  

BOMA Edmonton Advocacy

  1. We advocate for fair and equitable commercial taxes, systems, and practices, and we would like to see a return on the tax dollars that supports business growth, as well community initiatives. 
  1. We advocate for reducing red tape and other barriers to a competitive economy. 
  1. We contribute to and work with social, community, and art and culture agencies to make our communities safer and more vibrant for everyone.  
  1. We work to educate others about the commercial real estate industry and to elevate the industry through public and government relations.
  1. As a membership-based organization for commercial real estate professionals, we establish and promote standards of excellence in education and professionalism. 
  1. We are leaders in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We advocate for diverse voices throughout the industry and on behalf of our industry. 
  1. As the shepherds of the BOMA BEST, the industry standard for sustainable building certification, we work to reduce energy and water consumption, improve building operations, and reduce carbon emissions.  

Current Issues

Four-Year City Budget
Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Recovery Working Group
BIA Taxation Proposal
Access to Utilities Info
Downtown Research Project
Real Estate Council of Alberta Education Licensing

Federal, Provincial, & Municipal Investments in: Housing, Addictions, Mental Health, & Social Supports for Edmonton, and Northern Alberta Regions

Executive Summary

This research has been conducted to share with BOMA members and partners what we know about government investments in housing, addictions, mental health, and social supports at three levels of governments. This document will be updated monthly and added to the BOMA Edmonton website. The tables below provide a brief overview of investments and initiatives announced recently by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments in Edmonton and Alberta. These investments include transfer payments, fundings and agreements in relation to: Housing, Addictions & Mental Health, and Social Supports. 

Funding will be distributed from 2016 until 2031 through partnerships between the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, including municipalities, Indigenous governments and organizations, and the social and private housing sectors. 

Total Housing, Addictions, Mental Health, and Social Supports investments include:

  • Federal: $78.7 Billion to address (with $3.7 billion dedicated to Alberta)
  • Provincial: $829 million (with $63 million to Edmonton)
  • Municipal: $15.3 million

*For more information, please refer to the links listed in the tables below

Advocacy Participation

Issues-Based Advocacy Work

Issues that directly or indirectly impact our industry arise on a regular basis. We work as an association or in collaboration with partners for the best possible outcomes for our membership at large. Our goal is to address issues that impact the majority of our members or issues that can be tied to broader industry impact.