Alberta BOMAs 5-min Survey: Elevator code change that could cost you $13K-$35K+ per elevator

BOMA Calgary and BOMA Edmonton are seeking your input on an elevator safety code matter that could go into effect October 1, 2024. The issue is regarding door lock monitoring, sometimes referred to as redundancy in the elevator industry, that prevents an elevator from operating if the door isn’t closed. The change stems from fatal accidents in the United States. Please see a link to how the code was applied retroactively in the State of Florida:

Alberta has strong compliance systems and is a safety leader. Often code changes only impact new elevators and modernizations, but door lock monitoring could be retroactive in Alberta. This would mean that elevators installed pre-1998, that have not been modernized, will need to have door lock monitoring installed at a cost to the building owner, which could be between CDN $13,000-$35,000 or more per unit. Estimates show somewhere in the 2000-4800 elevator car range of a total of 15,000+ elevators in operation in the province.

We are seeking your input on this issue. We want to know:

  • How many of our members could be impacted?
  • Is residential impacted more than commercial?
  • What further information can the BOMAs in Alberta gather for you, or what feedback would you like to provide?

Responses are strictly confidential, only aggregate numbers will be used in our research and advocacy work. Please contact, should you have any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this joint survey by BOMA Edmonton and BOMA Calgary!