Get involved—Join a BOMA Edmonton Committee or Think Tank in 2024! 

Image for Get involved—Join a BOMA Edmonton Committee or Think Tank in 2024! 

Have you been looking for an opportunity to lend your expertise and enthusiasm to the broader commercial real estate industry and the work we do at BOMA Edmonton? Join a BOMA Edmonton committee or think tank to collaborate with industry peers while making an impact.

Why join?

Being a BOMA Edmonton committee or think tank volunteer provides valuable networking opportunities and a chance to share your voice in achieving our goals for safe communities and vibrant economies: building excellence; fair and equitable taxation, regulation, and policies; and diverse and educated talent. This is your chance to both give back and grow as a professional.

How to Apply?

Submit your expression of interest to join a committee by January 5. Submission should include: 

  •  Name, position, company
  • Your resume/CV or LinkedIn Profile
  • Name of committee(s) or think tanks you’d like to join

You must be a BOMA member to join a committee. If you are employed by a BOMA corporate member, then you are a BOMA member. Unsure if your company is a member? Contact us. You do not need to be a member to join a think tank.  

Submit information to by January 5. Applicants will be contacted in January. The BOMA Board approves all committee and think tank members.  


What is a committee?
  • A committee is a group of BOMA Edmonton members who work together to realize the committee’s mandate.
  • Each committee has 8 members unless otherwise determined by the BOMA Edmonton board.
  • Committees meet regularly, some monthly, others bi-monthly, quarterly, or as needed. (See below for more information).
  • Meetings are usually held over the lunch hour.
  • Committee meetings are hybrid.
  • Committees are advisory, meaning they provide advice to the BOMA Edmonton Office and Board. Committee members may volunteer to be more hands-on, especially when producing events or contributing to campaigns or advocacy work.
What is a think tank?
  • Think tanks are less formal than committees.
  • The purpose is to talk about current events related to the issues the thank tank addresses.
  • Think tank members do not need to be BOMA Edmonton members, but they should have expertise in the think tank topic area.
  • Thank tank meetings proceed whether one person or more attends because we talk about current events.
  • Thank tanks go deep into a topic (e.g. taxation and assessment, community safety, etc.)
What are the committee and think tank mandates?

BOMA Edmonton has three types of committees and think tanks: Board, Industry and Association, and Special Events. They act as advisors only, making recommendations to the board and association, which in turn makes final decisions.

Industry & Association Committees


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Education Committee focuses on professional development and leadership by promoting existing membership education opportunities and developing new opportunities for all BOMA members.
  • Meets: 4th Wednesday of every other month (January, March, May, August, October)


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Membership Committee provides guidance on membership and sponsorship retention, diversification, and growth, as well as membership and sponsorship orientation, services, and inclusive engagement.
  • Meets: 2nd Tuesday of every other month (January, March, May, June, September, November)

Emerging Leaders

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Emerging Leaders Committee promotes CRE careers to young people under the age of 40 especially and facilitates inter-generational connections. They do this through events, strategic initiatives, campaigns, mentorship programs, working with post-secondary institutions, and attracting emerging leaders to BOMA’s committees and board.
  • Meets: 1st Wednesday of every month (except July, August, and December)

Marketing and Communications

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Marketing and Communications Committee meets monthly to help shape BOMA Edmonton’s outreach to members and the public.
  • Meets: 2nd Thursday of every month (except July, August, and December)


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Advocacy Committee sets the strategic priorities for advocacy with the BOMA Edmonton Office and supports advocacy communications.
  • Meets: 1st Monday of selected month per quarter (February, May, September, November)

Taxation and Assessment

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Taxation and Assessment Think Tank advocates for fair and equitable taxation and assessment that supports healthy economic growth.
  • Meets: 4th Monday of every month (except July, August, and December)

Safe Communities and Vibrant Economies

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Safe Communities and Vibrant Economies Think Tank strives to create safe and thriving communities by promoting initiatives that enhance public safety and contribute to regional economic vitality.
  • Meets: TBD

Downtown Safety and Vibrancy

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Downtown Safety and Vibrancy Committee focuses downtown safety and vibrancy initiatives.
  • Meets: as needed

Building Excellence (sustainable, smart, healthy)

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Building Excellence Think Tank aims to promote the operations of buildings that are environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced, and conducive to occupant health and wellness.
  • Meets: TBD

Creating Career Pathways in Commercial Real Estate (Indigenous Inclusion)

  • Mandate: The BOMA CCPCRE Task Force is a group of industry professionals who assists with the Creating Career Pathways in Commercial Real Estate project
  • Meets: as needed
Special Events Committees

Awards and Special Events

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Awards and Special Events Committee provides input into BOMA Edmonton’s annual industry excellence awards showcase that recognizes professionals and companies in commercial real estate. The Committees also helps to produce the gala, a signature event that is a networking highlight of the year. 
  • 1st Tuesday of every month

Golf and Ski

  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Golf and Ski Committee helps to produce the coveted annual signature charity event that sells out in seconds. The committee will also plan an annual ski event. 
  • 4th Monday of every month  
Board Committees (for board members only)


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Finance Committee assists the board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, the system of corporate controls and risk management.  
  • Meets: Quarterly (February, May, September and November)


  • Mandate: The BOMA Edmonton Governance Committee works on governance improvements for the association. 
  •  Meets: As needed 


  • Mandate:   The BOMA Edmonton Executive Committee performs traditional executive functions, acting as a guiding and decision-making body as outlined by the board. The Executive is comprised of BOMA Edmonton Officers and handles governance and board development.    
  •  Meets: As needed