Call for Nominations/Expressions of Interest BOMA Edmonton Board of Directors 2024

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Building Owners and Managers Association of Edmonton (BOMA Edmonton) is seeking dynamic, engaged, and dedicated professionals to serve on its board of directors.

Two (2) positions are coming vacant in 2024 following term retirement, and five (5) incumbents are expected to stand for re-election. Board terms are two years for a maximum of four consecutive terms. Officer terms are two years for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Board members will be elected at the BOMA Edmonton Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. 

Role and Responsibilities

Directors of BOMA Edmonton meet four to six times a year through a combination of in-person and videoconference meetings. There are also team building, strategy, and professional development and governance meetings. No meetings are held in July, August, or December. 

The BOMA Edmonton Board is a governance board comprised of nine (9) to twelve (12) leaders in the commercial real estate industry and, specifically, in roles related to commercial property ownership, management, and service provision. Governance boards set the strategic direction of the organization; they do not manage the organization.  

Board members are expected to join a committee or working group. The time commitment varies but is usually 1-2 hours per month. BOMA Edmonton also encourages our Board Directors to volunteer additional time and/or provide sponsorship. Notwithstanding a conflict of interest, Board Directors may be called upon to represent the industry to elected and administrative officials in all levels of government, and to work with partners on advocacy issues important to the industry and BOMA Edmonton Membership. Other responsibilities include actively recruiting corporate members and sponsors and attending and sometimes speaking or presenting at special events. 

Per the organization’s Bylaws, Directors must be connected through employment to an organization that is a member of BOMA Edmonton.

Why Join?

BOMA Edmonton board positions offer a unique opportunity to shape the commercial real estate sector, which combined with residential real estate is Alberta’s second largest industry by GDP. Board directorship is your chance to enhance the role, professionalism, and stature of the industry by guiding and informing our education programs, networking events, advocacy, and outreach, among other activities.  

Being a BOMA Edmonton board director provides valuable networking opportunities and a chance to share your voice in achieving our goals for safe communities and a vibrant economy, building excellence, fair and equitable taxation, and diverse and educated talent. This is your chance to both give back and grow as a professional. 

Ideal Skills

We are currently seeking board directors with one or more of the following skills, knowledge, interests, and experiences to enhance organizational capacity and diversity:  

  • government relations;  
  • sustainability;  
  • taxation and assessment;  
  • environment, social, and governance (ESG);  
  • business development; 
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion;  
  • Indigenous relations; and  
  • emerging technologies.  

About BOMA Edmonton

Building Owners and Managers Association of Edmonton (BOMA Edmonton) is a membership-driven industry association for companies and professionals involved in commercial property ownership and management, operations, and service provision in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Central and Northern Alberta, NWT, and Yukon. Real estate – residential and commercial – is the second largest contributor to Alberta’s GDP after oil and gas and is a major contributor to municipalities. BOMA Edmonton’s strategic focus areas are building excellence (sustainable, smart, and healthy buildings); fair and equitable taxation and regulation; diverse and educated talent; and safe communities and vibrant economies. The global BOMA network of associations is best known for driving building performance through The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY®) award, BOMA BEST building certification, BOMEX – BOMA Canada’s Annual Building Excellence Summit, The annual BOMA International Conference and BOMA 360 building performance program, and The BOMA Standard Methods of Measurement.  

Focus Areas

The BOMA Edmonton board is focused on achieving results in four strategic focus priorities and develops the organizations’ strategic framework for doing so. These are: 

  1. Building Excellence (Sustainable, Smart and Healthy Buildings): BOMA Edmonton aims to promote the operations of buildings that are environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced, and conducive to occupant health and well-being. 
  2. Fair and Equitable Taxation and Regulation: BOMA Edmonton advocates for fair taxation policies and regulations that support the growth and success of the commercial property sector and community. 
  3. Diverse and Educated Talent: BOMA Edmonton recognizes the importance of a skilled and diverse workforce in the industry and works towards fostering talent development and creating opportunities for education and professional growth. 
  4. Safe Communities and Vibrant Economies: BOMA Edmonton strives to create safe and thriving communities by promoting initiatives that enhance public safety and contribute to the economic vitality of the region. 

Some of our recent 2022/2023 successes: 

  • Formed and led the ministerially appointed Edmonton Metro Region Economic Recovery Working Group. 
  • Stopped a new property tax. 
  • Developed Indigenous-focused capacity building in the industry.  
  • Supported exposure to the industry for 18 BIPOC youth. 
  • Invested in BOMA BEST 4.0 to help enhance building performance. 
  • Collaborated with other business organizations to represent interests for the municipal budget. 
  • Collaborated with other groups to address safety and vibrancy and return to office in the downtown core. 
  • Co-hosted BOMEX 2023, BOMA Canada’s National Building Excellence Summit, which brought Canada to Edmonton, sold out two months prior, elevated the industry, and had a $1.5 million local economic impact. 

How to Nominate/Apply

You may nominate someone or express interest to join the board. Please enclose a current resume and provide in writing why you are nominating someone or why you would like to join the board. If you are nominating someone else, you should have their consent beforehand.  

Nominations/Expressions of Interest should be submitted by October 13, 2023, to Bev Norman at Subject: “Prospective Board Director – 2024”. Please direct your questions to Bev, as well.  

2023 Timeline: 

October 13, 2023: Deadline for interested board members.
October 18, 2023: BOMA Edmonton’s board votes on candidates to put forward at the AGM. 
October 23, 2023: All applicants, both successful and unsuccessful, are notified of the decision. 
By October 25, 2023: Notification of Annual General Meeting (AGM) is sent to all BOMA. Edmonton members at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the AGM. 
By November 5, 2023: Successful candidates’ profiles are shared with BOMA Edmonton members no less than ten (10) days prior to the AGM. 
By November 3, 2023: Anyone who would still like to put their name forward may do so during the AGM. We ask that anyone intending to put their name forward do so twelve (12) days prior to the AGM. 
November 15, 2023: BOMA Edmonton’s Membership votes on prospective Board member(s).